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About Us

What is the meaning of Ki?

In Chinese cosmological and metaphysical thought, the chi plays an important role. It is considered to be the spirit, or breath of life, in living creatures, or the air or ether filling the sky and the surrounding universe. Most importantly, it denotes the basic substance of all creation (ki or qi are alternate spellings of chi).

In both Chinese and Japanese cultures, the five basic material forces are water, fire, wood, metal and earth. The interaction of these five elements generates the transformation of a myriad of things which produce and reproduce, resulting in unending change. Thus, with such an understanding, the world is not an illusionary product of the mind but a clear manifestation of this primal material-force (chi). It is a constant process of change, integrating to form human beings and the other creatures of the world, disintegrating again to return to life.

The Chinese philosophers believed that "man's task in the world is to comprehend this process of change and harmonize his action with it." Such an understanding is the basis of our own philosophy at Ki Nature et Santé. We are an integrated health centre, part of the vital force in alternative health care.