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Body Soap Bar - Orange Cardamom

Body Soap Bar - Orange Cardamom

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  • OLIVE OIL : Preserves the skin's moisture and suppleness.
  • COCONUT OIL : Protects and softens dry skin.
  • formulated with watercress and indian cress super leaves for added performance.

The leaves bar body zero plastic soap collection is all about turning a daily routine into a luxurious eco-conscious experience. It offers a lavish shower experience thanks to a rich hydrating lather and indulgent fragrances that will leave skin smelling sublime.

  • - EWG verified formula suitable for dry and sensitive skin. - Leaves skin feeling clean and supple. - Dermatologically tested. - Comes in four leaves bar signature fragrances.
  • Canadian
  • Vegan

Sodium cocoate, propanediol, aqua/water/eau, sodium stearate, sodium olivate, glycerin, sodium cocoyl isethionate, sucrose, sodium chloride,nasturtium officinale (watercress / cresson) extract, tropaeolum majus (Indian cress / capucine) extract, gamma-decalactone*, ethyl hexanoate*, ethyl 2-methylbutyrate*, hexyl salicylate*, raspberry ketone*, triethyl citrate*, *fragrance (parfum)

Recommended Use

Apply the soap to wet skin with light pressure, lather, and rinse clean. CONSERVATION: Keep soap and scrub bars away from water between uses to let them dry.