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Performance Multi-Collagen

Performance Multi-Collagen

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  • A multisource collagen blend with three types of collagen (types I, II & III) in one scoop.
  • Provides full-body collagen support including joint, recovery, skin and hair benefits.
  • High quality, sustainable sourcing: grass-fed bovine, wild-caught marine and cage-free chicken bone broth collagen.
  • Easy to blend into smoothies, shakes or hot beverages
  • To help with the formation of collagen and for the maintenance of good health.


  • Hydrolyzed bovine collagen, Hydrolyzed marine collagen, Chicken bone broth powder.

Recommended Use

  • Add one scoop (10g) per day to a hot or cold beverage (great in juice, smoothies, tea and coffee) of your choice and shake or stir well until fully dissolved. Also a perfect addition to foods like oatmeal and soup.